Universal Embeds

You should already be familiar with the embed feature you can find on articles and pages one-by-one. These are great for custom content such as videos, maps and the like.

Universal Embeds allows you to define embedded content to appear across the site in various incarnations including:

  • all articles
  • all events 
  • the header (near the top) of every page
  • the footer of every page on your site
  • and on the Homepage itself.

The primary use-case is adding an email opt-in call-to-action though you're by no way limited to email opt-ins and can use it to highlight any number of important topics.

Using the Universal Embed (limited to Site Admins)

Step 1 - Click Settings > General > Universal Embeds tab

Step 2 - Paste your embed code(s) in the appropriate sections - in the example below I've used the same code to appear on both events and articles.

Step 3 (Homepage embed only) - Decide where on your homepage to have the embed appear and add an optional label by visiting Settings > Homepage to adjust the Options and Order tabs.

NOTE: You can embed more than 1 item though avoid adding too much bloat and I'd suggest separating each embed with <hr> which will add a line break and horizontal rule.

Where will the embeds appear?

Universal Article Embeds will appear below the article-specific content and below article-specific embeds but above the Facebook Like Button and comments.

Universal Event Embeds will appear below all event content.

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