Design Preferences

There are many styles that you can apply to your site. You can browse the different options at Settings > Customize Styles but at a high level, we can change things like colors, fonts, and backgrounds (colors and images) in addition to various layout options.
In order to get started quickly, we ask that you provide a primary and secondary color to work with, any specific Homepage or General Layout Settings you’d like us to apply to your site, and any custom fonts you’d like to use.

CCE comes with a set of standard fonts by default, these standards can be overwritten to provide more customization to match your brand and preferences.

The most basic options are  Web-Safe Fonts however these are a bit limiting. Google provides fonts free to use and so it's likely where you'll want to go to decide on a font -
Please see the Welcome Packet for more details.
While you are considering the design elements for your site, here are a few sites you can look at it for inspiration.

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