Understanding Site Categories, Topics and Tags

The purpose of categories, topics and tags are to organize content for people, not search engines (although they are closely related). The best way to understand this is to think of a filing cabinet where categories as drawers in a file cabinet, topics are folders within each drawer and tags are color codes used to mark content as related across multiple drawers and folders.

Since these are often misunderstood, we’ll take a few moments to go into a bit more detail on each:


There are 3 types of categories you need to think about: article categories, event categories and business listing categories. You can see a list of available categories under Manage Content > Categories in the admin bar at the top of the page once logged in.

Article Categories should be sufficiently broad to cover every “topic” you write about but not so specific that you won’t have at least one article a month under each category. This will make sure that each category has a sufficient amount of content to display to your readers.

Note: You don't want to make too many changes to these after you set them up for a variety of reasons so give this some thought before you start posting a ton of content.

Event and businesses listing categories are standardized across the platform but you have the ability to choose which ones to include or exclude based on the existing list.



Tags on the other hand can be more specific but still not so specific that it would only apply to one article. Remember, tags are a way of organizing content for people and therefore should not be used as keywords. Instead, think of tags as a way to organize related content. For example, if you plan on doing a series of articles about a local sports team, you should tag each article with the same tag. This tells the system that it’s related (for the related content widget) and will also automatically create a tag archive page that will show all related articles on one page which is great for SEO. Tags are only used when creating an article so there is nothing to setup at this point, but it’s important to understand how they can be used before choosing your categories.

While there is no limit to the number of tags you include on any given article, we recommend using a maximum of 2-3 per article.

Having a basic strategy and guide to limit the number of topics and tags used across articles is highlight recommended! Here is an example structure guide you can use internally to maintain uniformity:

Guide here

For further instructions:

links to other support articles here.

For a deeper dive into site structure considerations click here.

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