Managing the Directory

Should you need to create a listing or many listings you can create a new business at New > Business or manage existing listings at Manage > Businesses. These listings will be created as unclaimed just like listings created as a venue as part of an event or with the Insert feature on articles.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the public-facing Create Listing prompts to create a listing in the directory, this process not only creates a listing but also makes the creator of the listing the OWNER. As such, that person can update the listing at any time and no one else can then claim the listing so unless you're the business owner use the administrative interface mentioned above.

Can't edit a listing in the administrative interface?
We've limited editing to upgraded listings to reduce the potential of accidentally changing a listing by mistake. If you need a listing changed or removed and you don't have the ability to make the changes simply send us the URL of the public listing and the changes you'd like to see to [email protected]

Need to merge a duplicate listing?
Sometimes people create duplicates when they forget they already had a listing or perhaps a business has two owners and both create a listing by mistake. In any case, if you need a listing merged request it by emailing [email protected] and include the URLs of the listings and the one listing that should remain and we can merge them for you.

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