Managing the Homepage - Promoting & Pinning

The homepage is actually a homepage feed, as new content is added the older content is bumped down the page and ultimately paginates off (you'll see pagination options at the bottom of the page). The carousel at the top includes the first three (3) article slots with the subsequent slots appearing below.

PLEASE NOTE: Articles must include a Main Image to appear in the carousel, if no main image is present it will still appear on the homepage but not in the carousel.

Adding an article to the homepage is easy, as an admin simply click to Promote the article at /articles/manage by clicking Manage Content> Articles in the upper navigation. Articles are shown on the homepage based on the promote date/time with most recent showing up at the top first unless there are also Pinned articles - note, publish date/time has no bearing on the homepage order.

A Pinned article is a special type of promoted article that appears at the top of the homepage as though a "pin was pushed" in the article to keep it in place. There are no technical limits to the number of pinned posts however we recommend no more than 3 which would result in the carousel being comprised entirely of pinned posts and a subsequently Promoted post would appear immediately below the carousel.

When you're ready to remove a pin simply click Pinned in the admin and the article will adjust based on its promote date/time.

Please note: do not un Promote articles unless they were promoted by mistake, the system will automatically adjust on its own and thus you only need to continue Promoting new articles to keep the page current.

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