How To Post Coupons and Other Printable Content on Articles

From time to time publishers have a need to post content that is downloadable. For some, it's coupons or offers and for others it may be worksheets, crossword puzzles or stuff for kids.

These downloadable content types can be posted to articles enabled you to maximize engagement, sharing and SEO while also making download easy.

Adding printable content couldn't be easier:

1) Login and click New > Write an Article from the main menu at the top of the page.

2) Add a good localized title and excerpt such as:

    Title: 10% Off Any Yogurt from CherryBerry in Victoria

    Excerpt: Take the whole family to CherryBerry in the Victoria Plaza and get 10% off any yogurt including toppings!

Note how both the title and excerpt include local keywords such as the town (Victoria) and general location (Victoria Plaza). This is crucial for SEO.

3) Add a main image. The optimal size for the main image is 628x390px. If the original coupon isn't usually a good fit, you should create a new image to fit so that it isn't cutoff.

4) Write a short description of the offer as the main body of the article. Make sure to say something beyond the coupon itself (ex: CherryBerry has the best froyo in town and is a great place to hangout with the kids on a hot afternoon.) in addition to the details of the offer. Make sure to include a link to the business directory listing by highlighting the business name with your cursor then clicking the link button as shown below.

From there you can select the business from the directory as shown which will automatically link the text to their listing (again great for SEO).

5) Add the actual coupon to the article scroll down and find the Printable Image field adjacent to the PDF interface. Add an image just like you would to the article itself.

6) Once you select the image you can add a custom button label, it downloads to Print Coupon.

7) Make sure to select the appropriate categories and tags.

Pro Tip: Using categories and topics (sub-categories) to organize your coupons into buckets and promote them on your home page using the sidebar and homepage content widgets.

8) Lastly, make sure to add the business as a related listing so that it shows as a related article on the businesses directory listing.

The final result adds the button prompt to the bottom of the article just above the social sharing options.

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