Article Categories, Topics & Tags

Organizing information on the internet is part art, part science. With Locable there are 3 concepts you need to understand help readers find the content they're interested in:

  • Categories
  • Topics
  • Tags

Categories are broad content groupings. They're the most broad way to organize content into logical breaks.

Topics are narrower content groupings than categories but more formal and structured than tags. They're also associated with Categories and thus act as sub-categories i.e. Topics=Sub-categories.

Tags are completely free-form ways to organize content. Tags should generally be plural i.e. Recipes is better than Recipe, likewise Firefighters is better than Firefighter. However, Police Department in the singular makes more sense.

As an example.

On categories would be the sport i.e. Baseball. Topics would be relevant baseball topics like Schedule or Standings. Tags would be the name of individual baseball players, teams and the like.

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