Managing Site Navigation

All menus (except the footer) are now managed by going to Settings > Navigation.

From here, you can:

  • Add/Remove Menu Items including site pages, guides, categories, topics, and external links.
  • Create drop-down menus
  • Reorder Menu Items
  • Control what items show on mobile or open in a new window/tab
  • Control where and how menus are displayed in the header of your site

Adding/Remove Menu Items

To add an item, first, click the Add Item button.

Then select the desired item from the list of available options.

By selecting Directory, Calendar or Offers from the list of common pages you are adding links to each pages index.

When entering an external URL, you will need to provide a valid URL with the http:// or https://, save changes, click the "Update..." button, and then you will be able to change the label (i.e. What's displayed to the user on the next screen).

Categories, Pages, Guides and Topics that exist on the site can be looked up and selected in the search box. If it exists, it will automatically create the appropriate links. For more information on setting Site Categories and Topics click here. Guides click here.

Click "Update..." to save.

Creating Drop-down Menus

To create a drop-down menu, first select the Dropdown Label option as shown below.

Click "Save Changes" if necessary.

Then drag-and-drop the desired menu item underneath (and pull in) the Drop-down Label as shown. 

Drop-down Labels with no Menu Items underneath it will not be saved.

Click "Update..." to save.

Reorder Menu Items

To re-order menu items, drag-and-drop by the hamburger bars as shown below.

Click "Update..." to save.

Menu Item Settings

Every menu item, including the DropdownLabel, has a label that can be overridden. This is the text that is displayed in the menu. Change as desired.

Every menu item also has a few additional settings as shown.

Check "Open in new window" to have clicked links open in a new window or tab.

Check "Hide on mobile" to exclude that item from displaying when the site is viewed on a mobile device.

Click the "x" to remove menu items you no longer wish to include.

You must click "Update.." to save.

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