A Simple but Effective Archives Page and Homepage Issue Carousel - Updated August 2020

With the introduction of our automated Archives page and related In-this-Issue (ITI) automation, manually creating an archives page for your issues/editions is no longer required.

To add to the archives page simply:

  1. Check the 'Mark Article as Print Issue?' checkbox in the 'In-This-Issue Settings section when creating or editing an ITI article. 
  2. Add a cover image (we recommend 300x390) - Note: a cover image is required to be included on the archives page.

It will then be automatically be displayed at www.yourdomain.com/archives as shown below.

Adding Issue Archives (Covers) to Your Homepage

It can also be added to your homepage by managing your homepage and enabling the Homepage Archive Widget.

You can learn more about the new ITI process at https://docs.locablepublishernetwork.com/article/112-optimizing-print-to-web-how-to-setup-your-in-this-issue-article-embed-your-digital-edition

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