Article Bylines & Assigning Authorship

By default, the creator of an article is set as the author and used in article bylines throughout the site. If you'd like to assign authorship to someone else you have two options while creating or editing an article:

  1. You can assign authorship to an existing user
  2. You can use the Write-In Field

The Write-In option will take precedence over the Assign To option and if both are left blank the author will revert to the article creator.

For sponsored articles, you should use the Assign To option as it leverages the users profile information to show the authors bio in the Sponsor Profile.

Alternatively, you can check the Hide Byline option to remove the byline for the article.

Assign To Option

To leverage the Assign To option, the user must have an account on your site. If they don't yet have an account, you'll need to invite them (members can be made authors even though they do not have editing privileges - see the differences in user types) by going to Settings > Users.The user does not need to confirm their account in order to be made an author. Assigned authors will also be notified via email of their article and will be notified when comments are posted as well.

Please Note: If you're loading initial content on a site and it's not yet live i.e. your site is still at, we suggest you do not assign authorship as the invite will link the author to the temporary site. Instead you should post content then but only invite them once the site is live by editing the published articles to assign authorship.

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